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Timing Magic, Mercury & the not-so-mundane with Drew Levanti

Ep. 67

Astrologers Drew Levanti and Sabrina Monarch discuss Electional Astrology (selecting optimal timing for events like launches) and the planet Mercury and Mercury’s correlation to naming, oracle, moving beyond the mundane, and more. Mercury is a planet that can help us make connections, and relates to the quality of how language can both name existing realities and create/evoke new ones.

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Drew is a consulting astrologer who works with electional astrology to bring aligned timing into the natal chart. Coming from a background in Hellenistic astrology, Drew works with individuals who want help navigating astrological cycles by timing their important decisions and next steps. Drew lives in Chicago, where he finished college in 2018 with a background in anthropology. Together astrology and anthropology fuel Drew's interest in cultural understandings of fate, agency, and the power of prediction.

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