Magic of the Spheres Podcast


Ecosexuality, Connection & Liberation with Michael J. Morris

Ep. 58

Today’s episode is a deeper invitation into sensing and perceiving the interconnectedness of all things - from the connection between celestial and earthly events, from ecology and sexuality, between our lives and the evolution of the cosmos. I interviewed Michael J. Morris, and we discussed astrology, ecosexuality, Black Lives Matter and liberation. I said it a few times in the episode but the conversation was literally psychedelic in feeling to me. Michael speaks to us of *connection* and is themselves, such a connector and I am really excited to bring you this conversation. 

Michael J. Morris is a writer, an educator, a facilitator, an artist, a witch, an astrologer, and a tarot reader who supports folks in making meaning of their lives as a practice of personal and collective healing and liberation. They have a consulting practice called Co Witchcraft Offerings, and they are also a Visiting Assistant Professor at Denison University where they teach in Women’s and Gender Studies, Queer Studies, and Environmental Studies. They hold a PhD in Dance Studies from The Ohio State University, and they bring decades of experience in movement and somatic practices, feminist and queer theory, and critical theories of embodiment to their work in astrology, tarot, and ritual. They are a practitioner of yoga, butoh, and reiki, all of which inform their approaches to healing and liberation.

Michael's website:

Instagram: @cowitchcraftofferings

Twitter: @morrismichaelj

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