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The Ritual of Daily Self-Pleasure with Arakai Moon

Ep. 53

Arakai Moon and I have a conversation about daily self-pleasure 🌺 to kick off this Venus retrograde. I think of Venus retrograde as an evolution and internalization of the Venus principle, and self-pleasure is one way that we can deepen our relationship with ourselves. Arakai was on this podcast earlier (ep 31 and 32) where we discussed the Taurus/Scorpio axis as a tantric axis.

Arakai Moon of Star Siren Astrology is a shamanic bodyworker and evolutionary astrologer, whose finesse in working with and naming subtle energy is truly inspiring - she and I met for the first time at last year’s Northwest Astrological Conference, and talked deep into the night, realizing that we had a connection - and not only had we been immersed in the same vein of astrology for years but we’d both come into contact with our own power through very Plutonic experiences in 2012 when Pluto squared our Suns. Arakai spent 6 years in the jungles of Costa Rica, merging deeply with the land, plants and animals, and I think you will soon tell from tuning into her presence just how truly enchanting and perceptive she is.

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