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Creativity and Cosmology with Maren Altman

Ep. 52

Fellow astrologer Maren Altman and I speak about creativity, and really creativity at a deeper level - beyond a specific project or the categories that creativity fits into like art-making, but creativity in terms of what it is cosmologically. We spoke of the process of actualizing one’s life and following one’s excitement as a kind of creativity. We also speak of how we, as fractals of the cosmos, participate in the expansion of the cosmos through our creative 'offspring' of all kinds.

Maren Altman is an astrologer living in New York City as she finishes her undergraduate degree at New York University. Her practice centers around combining ancient traditional Hellenistic techniques with modern psychological counseling dynamics in order to provide practical guidance to her clients. 

She is interested in the long-term research of astrology as learning about the structure of reality, and she has plans to combine her astrology with her path of Philosophy graduate school in order to become a cosmological thought leader. 

Maren is also a published fiction author, with her first novel, A Prisoner of Memory, now available on Amazon, and her second, Badflower, on the way. She is the founder of Rasi Collective, a website connecting spiritual practitioners with their ideal clients in order to make the online metaphysical world easier to maneuver.

Maren posts philosophical discourse and astrological content on her YouTube channel and on her podcast, Modern Magic, which centers around astrology, metaphysics, and grounding the woo of the spiritual path. She offers astrology readings at her website and has her 8-week Astrology Academy course launching May 24th, with details for both on her social media and at her website,

Maren's TikTok sketches, as per Sabrina's recommendation ;)

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