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Mindful Dating with Marie Thouin of Love InSight

Ep. 51

Marie is a psychology researcher and dating expert and we discuss all things dating - online dating, reframing rejection, the spiritual dimension of dating, and cultivating love as an energy in one’s life to make way for the experience of resonating with and meeting a partner! 

Marie Thouin is a PhD candidate at the California Institute of Integral Studies and founder of Love InSight, a Mindful Dating Coaching practice where she helps people of all ages, genders, and sexual/relationship orientations navigate the path of intimate love in a growth-oriented mindset. As a psychology researcher and dating expert, she assists her clients in developing deep inquiry, clarity, and healing around the dating process, as well as formulating and enacting practical strategies for establishing meaningful connections with compatible people. Her academic work focuses on the transformative potentials of human sexuality and the transmutation of jealousy into empathetic joy in non-traditional relationship structures.

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