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50. Healing with Centaurs: Chiron, Pholus, Chariklo and Okyrhoe with David Leskowitz

Ep. 50

I’m excited to bring you a conversation I had several weeks ago about the astrological centaurs with an evolutionary astrologer who specializes with the centaurs, David Leskowitz. We discussed Chiron, Pholus, Chariklo and Okyrhoe. Chiron is the most well-known of these, but even so it’s worth exploring Chiron deeper than the keyword “wounded healer” - what does that really mean?

I loved learning more about the centaurs and also feeling the energy of the centaurs directly in the conversation. David and I share a perspective that the archetypes are not just abstract ideas but beings. Pluto for example, is one of the archetypes I do the most work with. In my way of looking at it, Pluto is both a concept and a being. Venus is a concept, and a being. So it was a real pleasure to talk with someone whose like an intermediary between us and these beings, these centaurs - someone who has really spent time with them. I think you’ll find that David has a door-opening perspective on these centaurs.

David Leskowitz works at the convergence of modern astrology, astral magic, and energy healing, connecting you with the full solar system - as vast and wild as we know it to be in the 21st century. His approach is informed by a longterm practice of buddhist spirituality, psychic training, and evolutionary astrology. Centaurs are playful and life-affirming guides to the cosmos, both down-to-earth and divine. At The Centaur Space, David seeks to update the old stories and bring you a new way of healing yourself and the world. You can experience this yourself with an attunement, which serves as a portal to the world of healing with Centaurs. (Available in monthly groups, or whenever in a 1:1). There is a group attunement coming up April 30, 2020, which if you are catching this in time, you can sign up for at David’s website right on the homepage. Find him @astral_logistic (twitter), subscribe to email updates and read all about Centaurs at

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