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A Depth Exploration of Virgo & Pluto in Virgo with Mark Jones

Ep. 48

On episode 48:

Mark Jones is an astrologer, teacher, Psychosynthesis therapist and hypnotherapist working with clients and students throughout the world. Mark’s first book; Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes, explains in detail his astrological method. His second book; The Soul Speaks: the Therapeutic Potential of Astrology, fuses Mark’s experience as a transpersonal psychotherapist with astrology to outline the transformative potential of an astrological reading. In addition, Mark has authored chapters in Astrology: the New Generation; Transpersonal Astrology; and Insights into Evolutionary Astrology.

From 15 years in private practice as a psychotherapist and astrologer---what has now been over 10,000 hours of client work---Mark has developed a model of transformational astrological counselling in which he works with individuals after the initial natal chart reading to support achievement of their true potential.

We spoke about the Pluto archetype and explored Virgo and Pluto in Virgo specifically, but this episode is full of universals, regardless of what we have in Virgo in our charts - we all have the experience of self-analysis, self-criticism, perfectionism, and learning how to relate to our pursuit of self-refinement and the capacity to be introspective and to analyze ourselves without falling into a great abyss of self-doubt in the process. The Pluto in Virgo generation were born roughly between 1957 - 1972 (but of course if you don’t know, look up the natal chart on We also spoke about trauma-scanning (looking for fault in one’s environment), manifestation, the so-called ‘placebo’ effect and the power of belief, and finding grace and meaning in one’s own intimate corner of the universe… and more!

Mark has some upcoming in-person workshops in Bend, Oregon September 4-7, 2020 and in Newport, Wales October 26-30, 2020.

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