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33. Curiosity, Courtship & Harmonizing with our Life Path with Ari Moshe

Ep. 33

I had a conversation with Ari Moshe about harmonizing with our life path and the unfolding of time, how we relate with Source, and how to court life and ask for what we need and desire from life (as opposed to approaching life with a sense of control, or gripping). There was a theme in our conversation about humility and how we’re showing up for life when there’s a lot of information we simply don’t know - and how this can translate to holding curiosity and being in relationship with the mystery as it is unfolding.

Ari has a prayerful relationship with life that comes across as deep medicine in his words and sharing. Ari is a gifted astrologer, musician, teacher and counselor. I felt so much peace recording with him and hope you enjoy our conversation.

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Music by Danny Lampton of The Light & The Weight

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41. The Rising Man & Heart-Centered Masculinity with Jeddy Azuma

Ep. 41
I spoke with Jeddy Azuma, men's mentor and fellow podcaster, of the Rising Man podcast. I find his voice particularly soulful and see him as someone who is full of aliveness in his path. I also find him to be consistently sharing poignant ideas on his podcast and instagram, and have been especially touched by his reflections on creating safety for women. I invited him on the show because I wanted to learn more about what men’s work is & discuss some philosophy around it like what are we talking about when we say masculine and what kind of impact men's work can create.As a newly minted college grad and healthcare professional, Jeddy soon began to experience the pain of having no sense of higher purpose or meaning in his life. A life-changing run-in with the law and his own deep personal reflections sent him on a 3,000 mile journey across the country to discover meaning.From silent meditations to fasting in the wilderness for 4 days and nights, Jeddy discovered the importance of men’s circles and Rites of Passage, and has since dedicated his life to providing these opportunities for other men seeking their purpose.Jeddy is the creator of The Rising Man Movement, one of the founders of The Conscious Man Brotherhood (CMB) and Man Cave. He leads men on Rites of Passage journeys to initiate an entire generation of men and to mold the leaders of future generations.He is a husband, father, martial artist, and mentor to men of all ages.Jeddy's website: https://risingman.orgConnect with Jeddy Azuma on InstagramConnect with me on instagram @sabrinamonarchRead the weekly astrology forecasts at www.monarchastrology.comLearn Evolutionary Astrology with me in JanuaryMusic by Danny Lampton ofThe Light & The Weight