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31. The Taurus-Scorpio Mysteries with Arakai Moon Part One

Ep. 31

Taurus and Scorpio are a tantric axis - Taurus is sensual, yes, and Scorpio sexual. (Though they are both, both.) Taurus relates to our relationship with ourself and our environment, and how complete we can be in ourselves yet receptive to resource, pleasure, and simply feeling good in our bodies and feeling rooted in our self-worth. Scorpio relates to our “urge to merge” - our desires and drives that compel us, perhaps obsess us. The conversation between the two signs can determine how magnetic we are, how receptive we are to receiving what we actually desire versus how stagnant and blocked we might be. The conversation between these two signs also relate to our clarity and commitment to value, versus our entanglement and involvement with toxicity just bc it’s all we know or all we think we are worth. 

I couldn’t be more excited to share a conversation about Taurus and Scorpio with you that I had with fellow astrologer Arakai Moon of Star Siren Astrology. Arakai Moon is a shamanic bodyworker and evolutionary astrologer, whose finesse in working with and naming subtle energy is truly inspiring - she and I met for the first time at last year’s Northwest Astrological Conference, and talked deep into the night, realizing that we had a connection - and not only had we been immersed in the same vein of astrology for years but we’d both come into contact with our own power through very Plutonic experiences in 2012 when Pluto squared our Suns - which I’ll leave more to this episode or you can listen to the 2nd episode of this podcast for my story :) Arakai spent 6 years in the jungles of Costa Rica, merging deeply with the land, plants and animals, and I think you will soon tell from tuning into her presence just how truly enchanting and perceptive she is.

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63. The Pluto in Scorpio Generation & Social Change with Jaliessa Sipress

Ep. 63
I had astrologer Jaliessa Sipress on to discuss the Pluto in Scorpio generation and this generation’s relationship with social change. You’ll need to look up any given natal chart to be sure of where Pluto is, but the Pluto in Scorpio generation is born roughly between 1983 - 1995. We discussed some major themes of this generation, how this generation influences the social fabric, and how this generation (and other generations) are involved with the current racial justice movement.Jaliessa Sipress is an Astrologer, writer and artist committed to expanding people's minds and helping them love themselves and their lives more. She uses Astrology as a catalyst to talk about broader spiritual topics, love and relationships, manifestation, and more. You can find out more about her and her work at’ve left every conversation with Jaliessa palpably with more knowledge and insight. I took her course that she produced with Collin Bedell - her Love and Relationships course - and got so much out of it. Jaliessa brings a luminescent depth toward the topics she explores and I’m so glad to have had her on the show. Jaliessa also has a podcast called Fun But Heavy that I’d suggest checking out!Connect with Jaliessa on IG: @jaliessasipressSupport the Kickstarter to fund the year ahead of astrology forecasts and Magic of the Spheres podcast episodes!✨🎓✨Learn more about the Online Presence as Performance Art Course.✨🎓✨Learn more about the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive.✨🔮✨ Visit my website and read the astrology forecasts:✨💌✨ Sign up for my mailing list:✨🖥✨ Watch the astrology forecasts on YouTube:✨🔮✨ Book an evolutionary astrology reading with me: @sabrinamonarchTwitter: @Sabrina_monarchMusic by Danny Lampton ofThe Light & The Weight