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Love and Wealth with Lucia Anaïs Satyagraha Part One

Ep. 28

On episode 28, I had a conversation with a visionary thinker and mentor of mine, Lucia Anaïs Satyagraha, about how to create better relationships and wealth in our lives, and what we can work to unblock to do so. 

Lucia is a Master EFT Practitioner, Oracular Tarot Consultant and certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach. Her genius and expertise reside in deep intuitive healing, nervous system reprogramming, and coaching that addresses the stories of what we think we know and what we believe is possible; bringing us back into the re-cognition and embodiment of how much power we actually have; and what it means for us to consciously remap and redesign our lives to make our contribution to the planet in massive ways.

Get ready to up level all things Venusian in your life (aka love and wealth) by listening to this electric episode.

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Music by Danny Lampton of The Light & The Weight

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