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27. Plant Communication with Cici Cyr of Abundant LA

Ep. 27

You may remember Cici from the #uranusintauruschallenge we hosted together this last spring. We talk about deepening a connection with the natural world through plant communication in this episode. Cici is so beautifully walking her truth in this life and is a pollinator - someone who helps make connections. If you listen to this episode or stay connected with her work, you may just find yourself making new connections with the non-human world around you! Follow Cici on instagram @abundant_la to stay up to date about what she's offering in LA and online. Visit her website here.

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45. The Language we Use in Astrology Practice with Diana Rose

Ep. 45
Diana Rose and I discussed the language we use in astrology (especially concerning Hellenistic/traditional concepts like “exalted”, “detriment”, “fall”, or the strength or weakness of a planet) and unpacking the layered meanings involved here in terms of connotation, how these words are misinterpreted, and what these words are more earnestly pointing to. We discussed how the astrological concept of essential dignity can be a tool for meaning-making, confronting personal challenges, and discovering how to connect with our inherent resources that our chart points to. We also talked about the connection between notable people and how they tend to be intensely embodying their natal chart, the twelfth house, and archetypes Diana’s been connecting with lately!Diana Rose is an astrologer, tarot reader, reiki master, writer, & workshop facilitator currently based in Los Angeles, California, and serving clients worldwide through the magic of the internet. She is deeply invested in the power of asking better, deeper questions towards a more ferociously loving and compassionately honest state of being. By blending an earnest belief in humankind's ability to do better, a disinterest in dysfunctional hierarchies, and delight in the process of healing, she aims to guide others towards an expansive and re-enchanted relationship with existence. Her dedication to eroding systems of oppression means that she offers sliding scale to those who carry certain marginalized identities: non-white-passing POC, trans, GNC, immigrant, & Indigenous folks are included in that, as well as care workers, sex workers, and activists working towards liberation and environmental justice. In May of 2020, she will be a first-time invited speaker at the Northwest Astrological Conference presenting her talk Fierce Compassion: Natal Astrology as Radical Self-Care.Diana's website: https://ddamascenaa.comDiana's instagram:@ddamascenaaget on my mailing list to receive the weekly astrology forecasts to your inbox here.Music by Danny Lampton ofThe Light & The Weight