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25. Healing, Wholing, and the Underworld with Erica Jones Part 2

Ep. 25

Part 2 - Erica’s astrology work is titled Real Imaginal which is a project about “revitalizing the human relationship to the planetary archetype of Neptune”, which she writes is a “process of re-enchantment, defined in part by the attempt to regain a sense of belonging in a living, aware cosmos.” If you visit her website at, you can take a pretty deep dive with her on what it means to be re-enchanted, and as you’ll find out in this episode, Erica is a really deep perceiver and thinker. This conversation opened me up to new ways of thinking about one of my biggest planetary companions, Pluto :) and as a very Plutonic person myself that was also healing, to understand from a new angle why I’ve felt and perceived so *intensely* my whole life and why that has put me on a personal development path and driven my interest in the esoteric. Now as an astrologer practicing Pluto-centered astrology I spend so much time with Pluto that this conversation had a way of supercharging me and I trust will also be soul food for thought for you as well.

This episode is very astrological in nature but also very accessible to anyone interested in psychology and archetype, which is how we enter this conversation, as we speak to what the psychological underworld is. After we laid out some psychological foundations for our discussion we dialogued about Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and how these archetypes differ when expressed at different octaves of themselves - i.e. the higher expressions of all these planets when healing and "wholing" work has occurred (which we also discuss what that is and how we do it).

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