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20. Soul Retrieval, Self-Trust & Helping Spirits with Chiron Armand

Ep. 20

Chiron Armand of Impact Shamanism is a spirit-initiated shaman holding initiations in several traditions. Chiron is the author of Deliverance!: Hoodoo Spells of Uncrossing, Healing, and Protection and Clearing Spaces: Inspirational Techniques to Heal Your Home.

We spoke about soul retrieval, self-trust, and how our guides and intuition can speak to us in imagery, and how it is our responsibility to slow down, listen and have a dialogue with those images. Not so coincidentally, it is Mercury retrograde at the time of publishing this episode and that is one of the potential medicines of the transit - slowing down to think over and consider the information that might otherwise slip past our attention. 

And what is soul retrieval? Basically it’s coming back into contact with parts of our soul which have fractured off due to some kind of trauma, in this life or prior lives. Soul retrieval helps us be more present and embodied in the present moment.

Perhaps soul-retrieval is a phenomenon you’re already familiar with or have experience of, but if it’s new to you, I invite you to let this episode be inspiration for starting to notice when certain experiences or insights trigger a sense of self-return, like more of you feels alive and “here”!

Connect with Chiron on instagram @chironarmand

Music by Danny Lampton of The Light & The Weight

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