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The Nature of Eclipses with Rosie Finn

Ep. 17

On episode 17:

It is eclipse season you guys! We have eclipses coming up July 2 and 16, so I wanted to do an episode about eclipses to offer some perspective for this moment in time. We may know that eclipses are special New and Full Moons, but what sets them apart? You’ll find information about eclipses in general in this episode as well as some themes for the July 2019 eclipses coming up at the time of this episode’s publication. If you’re catching this episode sometime in the future, perhaps this can be a retrospective guide on what went down your July of 2019! Either way, a lot of the content of this episode is not time-specific to these particular eclipses - rather eclipses in general - so if you’re tuning in down the road there will still be something here for you.

I interviewed Rosie Finn in this episode, an astrologer in Olympia, WA who has been a really important person on my path and has been for so many others. She has been practicing astrology full time since 1999, and I first encountered her when I lived in Olympia, WA. I ended up studying with Rosie and getting multiple readings from her. She has been an inspiration to me because of her skill and depth as an astrologer, which I have experienced personally but also hear from anyone I know who’s gotten a reading from her. I asked her about the nature and mythology of eclipses, and we also spoke about being in relationship with unseen realms, and staying spiritually grounded when triggered as opposed to reacting and creating chaos.

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