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Turning the Wheel from Yule to Imbolc with Maureen McCarthy

Ep. 157

On episode 157, Sabrina interviews Mo about the Celtic wheel of the year. In this conversation they especially focus on the period surrounding Yule (December 21) and Imbolc (February 1).

Maureen, the flowing witch.

The term “witch” also means poet, seer, artist, creatrix, enchantress, divinator, and beyond. Maureen (they/them), who's names comes from the Irish Gaelic Máirín meaning, Star of the Sea, expresses as witch through their life-based artistry and performance while practicing folk herbalism, earth based magic, the tarot as healing divination ritual, and moon/menstrual mysteries.

They are turned on by the ebb and flow of life and death inherent in all things, and are in a continual process of becoming a stronger and more fluid channel for the wisdom of the plants, the sun + earth connection, and their benevolent European ancestors, namely those of the Celtic linguistic group.

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