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Planetary Combinations of Venus with Becca Tarnas Part 1

Ep. 15

On episode 15, I interviewed Becca Tarnas, scholar and archetypal astrologer. She recently received a PhD in Philosophy and Religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and her dissertation is titled The Back of Beyond: The Red Books of C.G. Jung and J.R.R. Tolkien. She is a deeply imaginative intellectual and a talented astrologer. When we had this conversation I honestly felt like a portal to another universe opened up!

In this episode we talked about the nature of archetypes, the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction and how we’ve been seeing that manifest, the planetary combinations of Venus through the pairings she makes with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and so on all the way out to Pluto, and then at the end we wrapped back around to Saturn and Pluto by talking about the triple combination of Venus, Saturn, and Pluto (listen to part 2 of this episode for that). I honestly feel transformed by this conversation, and I imagine that any astrologers or astrology enthusiasts out there will also take something away from this episode that enhances your understanding of Venus.

To get into the juiciness of this episode, you probably need to know how to tell what planets you have in aspect to Venus - (those are things like Venus conjunct, sextile, square, opposition and trine). I’m guessing a lot of the listeners here are into astrology but can’t assume! So in case you don’t know off the top of your head what planets you have in aspect to Venus or what your friends’ and lovers’ Venus aspects are…. This would be a good time to geek out on, perhaps try their free chart called “astro click portrait” and take a look around, and the software on that site will tell you who Venus is touching in your chart.

Learn more about Becca at her website,

Music by Danny Lampton of The Light & The Weight

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Spirit Keepers Tarot & the I Ching with Benebell Wen

Ep. 224
On episode 224, we're joined by Benebell Wen - a creator whose offerings in tarot, the I Ching, and the occult have been sources of major inspiration in my life and it was a dream fulfilled to get to have her on this podcast. Benebell created, illustrated, authored my favorite ever deck the Spirit Keepers Tarot — which if you know, you KNOW, why it is a favorite. This episode is coming out in time for you to pre-order the next print run of the deck and I’m not a sponsor, just a fan. I love the deck because it opened the door to the I Ching for me, because every card is a multifaceted universe in itself that I couldn’t really memorize but get to meet anew every time I pull the card, and because the deck is alive in a way it’s become a friend and part of the mythic weaving of my life.In this conversation, we discuss the process of creating the deck, the nature of metaphysical power, the I Ching and several cards in particular (the tower, eight of swords, five of cups, ten of cups and 7 of pentacles). Benebell also helped me realize thru the synchronicity of some of the hexagrams and cards I mentioned & their associations that I apparently have a relationship to thunder more than I thought. Kind of magical because at the time of recording and publishing this conversation, I’m living in Peru (for a little bit before I return to the states) and I experience more lightning/thunder in the Andes here than anywhere else I’ve ever lived.Benebell Wen is the author of Holistic Tarot and The Tao of Craft. Her third book, I Ching, The Oracle is forthcoming June of this year. She is also the creator of the Spirit Keeper's Tarot. Visit✨🎓✨ Learn more about Dragon of the Moon: an Evolutionary Astrology Initiation:✨🔮✨ Visit my website and read written versions of the weekly forecasts:✨💌✨ Sign up for my mailing list: @sabrinamonarchTwitter: @Sabrina_monarchbe mindful of impersonator scammers on social mediaMusic by Danny Lampton of The Light & The Weight commissioned for Magic of the Spheres Podcast.hungry ghosts of paradise ad music includes samples from April Gloom used with permission