Magic of the Spheres Podcast


The Eroticism of Saturn & Crystallizations from a Saturn Return in Aquarius with Ari Felix

Ep. 127

On episode 127, Ari Felix and Sabrina Monarch discuss Saturn in Aquarius, the eroticism of Saturn, and Saturn as the seat of power and one's personal authority.

Ari Felix is a counseling astrologer, writer, poet, and bruje providing emoceanal support for apocalypse. Their practice is dedicated to creating a new paradigm and being in right relationship with the gods of time, power, pleasure, and other fundamentals of sovereignty. Grief literacy, movement trauma, deconditioning from oppression, and relationship anarchy are their areas of skill and deep focus. Ari has been practicing astrology for over a decade as an articulation of their central devotion to multidimensional and multidisciplinary spiritual praxis. // IG: @saltwaterstars

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Music by Danny Lampton of The Light & The Weight commissioned for Magic of the Spheres Podcast.

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