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Aligned Opportunities, Dharma & Connecting with your Life's Work with Adam Carney

Ep. 122

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On episode 122, I had a conversation on dharma, business, and alignment with Adam Carney. Adam is an Artist and the founder of East+West. He spent the last 10 years traveling through India and Bali studying yoga in non-traditional settings and searching for the best yoga teachers on earth. He is certified in Integrative Health from Duke University.

Alignment as we spoke of it here was about making aligned life choices and navigating being open for aligned opportunities to arise while being able to turn down what is unaligned and being patient - as well as alignment in the context of listening to that inner spark of excitement and taking the leap to act on those sparks, whether they are bigger decisions like traveling, moving somewhere, starting a business, or perhaps smaller decisions like going to an event or taking some given fork in the road - not because you logically know why but because something in you is lighting up about it. 

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