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120. Mindfulness, Dilating Time & Transformative Communication with Trina Truong and Joshua McDaniel

Ep. 120

I had a transportive conversation with Trina and Joshua of Om Training Group, who facilitate daily mindfulness meditation and walk mindfulness as a spiritual path. You’re about to enter into the field of daily meditators - this is a place where perception widens and time “dilates” - there seems to be more bandwidth for picking up information and sensory input & a buffer between event & response - like more frames of time have opened up to create more space to respond instead of reacting, to make choices more freely. I found that this conversation brought me into an elevated state & I’m sure you’ll feel brightened by these transmissions too!

From a young age, Trina Truong knew her calling was serving others. She spent her adolescent years at her local Buddhist temple, participating in devotional practice, meditation and serving her community in a variety of ways. Through her work with others, she realized that true and lasting happiness is found when we act from a place of service to others. Throughout the past 10 years as an entrepreneur and a brick-and-mortar business owner, Trina created a new meaning for success and leadership that she wishes to share with the world. She hopes to show others how to effectively use Mindfulness as tool to heal oneself, find satisfaction in one’s life, and arrive at meaningful work.

Joshua comes to OM with a background of 25 years of multidisciplinary study and spiritual practice. His experiences living in retreat centers, ashrams and monasteries and studying under a variety of teachers, in addition to 17 years working and helping others through a 12 Step recovery program give him a unique and powerful perspective helping others overcome barriers to personal growth.

His own spiritual experiences and a deep desire to relieve suffering in the world continue to fuel his mission to help others remember and realize the true nature of their being.

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126. Venusian Visions & Devotional Planetary Practices with Zacchary Powell

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