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A Course in Miracles & Divine Assignments with Colin Bedell

Ep. 10

On episode 10, I spoke with Colin Bedell of QueerCosmos about A Course in Miracles and navigating divine assignments and soul connections. Colin is a horoscope writer at Cosmopolitan magazine and has a recently published book called A Little Bit of Astrology: An Introduction to the Zodiac as well as a forthcoming book called Queer Cosmos: The Astrology of Queer Identities and Relationships. Colin was a speaker at the 2017 Sister Giant in Washington D.C and at a recent online summit called Fresh Voices in Astrology. Besides being an astrologer, Colin works intimately with A Course in Miracles, and I invited him on the show to learn more about miracles and how we can develop a deeper connection to them. We talked about A Course in Miracles, and of course, astrology!

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As promised, the review I wrote about A Little Bit of Astrology!

"I am stunned and proud of Colin Bedell's lyric reverie in his new book, A Little Bit of Astrology: An Introduction to the Zodiac. As I read through the pages of his book, I felt taken on an aesthetic journey where facets of reality were named and brightened - the personality and essences all around me. It felt like learning astrology again to read his writing and I got this feeling that I was going to be distinctly reanimated with astrology from these moments forward - the way I felt when I first began learning and started to see archetypes living in people and the world. It is the remarkably vibrant way that reality itself begins to take on more complex textures; brightens — and as though the soul of the cosmos becomes aware its finer details are being observed and it begins to reveal more of its beauty to the one whose vision courts it. I think that is one of astrology’s secrets that keeps me coming back to it every day - when approached as though a lover endlessly full of mysteries the study of astrology doesn’t reduce or put things into categories but rather opens up complex and novel forms of poetic understanding. Colin did this. His language is light and fluid and sparkling but the realities he points to are solid and robust. Reading him, my world became brighter. [...] Obviously I recommend his new book! ❤ Do yourself and your friends who don't know astrology yet a favor and get a copy!"

(The review has been shortened here due to space limitations.)

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