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Magic Castle Stories Podcast

Episode Three - The Otterbury Incident

Season 1, Ep. 3

Welcome back to The Magic Castle Story Podcast

Here is episode 3 of The Otterbury Incident

For Christopher and William my amazing children I love and admire, and all children who need a good nights sleep

Because you're all amazing

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  • 9. Episode Nine - The Otterbury Incident

    Welcome to Episode Nine of The Otterbury IncidentThe boys are closing in on solving the mystery of the missing box with the money in that they had earned to help Nick pay for the broken windowMake sure you come back for Chapter 10 tomorrow
  • 8. Episode Eight - The Otterbury Incident

    You're back in the Magic Castle, which means it must be bedtime !Get relaxed and ready for an amazing night's sleepHere is Chapter 8 of our story - The Otterbury Incident by C Day LewisEnjoy and please now listen and drift off to sleep, you've earnt itThis is for Christopher and William, I love you to the moon and back. Thanks for making me the Proudest Dad in the whole world.
  • 7. Episode Seven - The Otterbury Incident

    Ready for bed ? Ready to listen to the next chapter of The Otterbury Incident by C Day Lewis ?Are you relaxed, tired ? Looking forward to dreaming in a nice warm clean bed ?Let me read you the next chapter For Christopher and William, my shadows and my best friends and the reason I never give up - I love you more than you can ever know
  • 6. Episode Six - The Otterbury Incident

    Episode 6 - are you ready for sleep ? Are you ready to enter the magic castle and start your journey to an amazing nights sleep ?Get comfortable, relax, let everything go and let yourself totally go limp and get ready to listen to the next chapter in the Otterbury Incident by C Day LewisRead by Dick MorrellFor Christopher and William my amazing children I love to the moon and back xx
  • 5. Episode Five - The Otterbury Incident

    Settle down, snuggle up on the bed, close your eyes and listenThis is Episode 5 from the Magic Castle Story podcast reading you C Day Lewis - The Otterbury IncidentFor Christopher and William From their Dad who loves them more than life
  • 4. Episode Four - The Otterbury Incident

    Episode 4 of The Otterbury Incident and try to drift off to a peaceful sleep, let yourself curl up in bed, relax, deep breaths, get rid of all your worries and listen to the story.For Christopher and Wlliam Morrell from their Dad who loves them so very much
  • 2. Episode Two - The Otterbury Incident

    The Otterbury Incident by C Day Lewis by Puffin Books, this is a public domain title - read by Dick MorrellThis is Chapter 2 of the bookRelax, breathe deeply and put all thoughts out your head and try and zone out. Everything that has caused worry or upset is not importantRelax and lie still, let yourself totally go and immerse yourself in tonight's chapter.This is for my amazing children, Christopher and William MorrellDaddy loves you so much your hearts would explode.You are my world
  • 1. Episode One - The Otterbury Incident

    For Christopher and William and all children everywhere whose fathers live for them and through themYou are all the reason that we believe in magicNow off to sleep here is:The Otterbury Incident - Chapter 1 - by Cecil Day Lewis