Maeltopia - A New World of Horror Fiction


The Sleep Wake Cycle | Ep. 2

Season 1, Ep. 2

Dreamcatcher Rosemary Stroud senses a change in the wind after receiving a new assignment from her mysterious employers.

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Written by Mark Anzalone

Edited by Walker Kornfeld

Sound mastering by Steven J. Anzalone


Rosemary Stroud voiced by Kelly Bair

Handler voiced by Steven Anzalone


Sleep Wake Cycle Theme by Shawn Zeller

Outro music by Steven Anzalone

Music by Lennon Hutton, Shahead Mostafafar, Hampus Naeselius, Michael Vignola, and Linus-Johnsson

Sound effects are licensed from third party providers including Envato, Epidemic Sound, and Artlist


This show is written in a first-hand, first-person format from uncertain and inconsistent narrators. This show explores specific mental health conditions. Whilst there is consistent use of derogatory terms for those with specific conditions or neurodivergence including lunatic, maniac, crazy, psychosis etc., this show is written and produced by a team that live with some of the specific illnesses featured within, including Tourette’s syndrome, schizoaffective disorder, insomnia, obsessive compulsive disorder, hallucinations, delusions, anxiety and depressive conditions, among others. Our team also features an academic background in neurology and psychology that has been drawn on to aim for sensitivity and accuracy. The intent of the language and experiences within the Sleep/Wake Cycle, and the extended works of Maeltopia, are designed to explore these conditions and their related isolation and degradation as experienced first hand. The world of Maeltopia is one where the mentally unwell are the majority. Yet there are still outliers who are hunted out. 


Content warnings: 


Audio Hallucinations 

Visual Hallucinations 

Fear of the Dark 

Menacing Agencies

Derogatory terms for Mental Illness

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