Made to Fail


BONUS: Julian Castro and Panel on "Made to Fail"

During the week of the Republican National Convention, the Hub Project and Roosevelt Forward hosted a live-stream launch event to elevate the stories of Americans across the country, call attention to the conservative policies that got us to where we are today, and offer a way out of this crisis. 

Secretary Julián Castro joined Made to Fail host Elliot Williams, President & CEO of Roosevelt Forward Felicia Wong, President & CEO of the NAACP Derrick Johnson, and President of Community Change Dorian Warren of Community Change in conversation about the conservative movement’s decades-long effort to deliberately undermine America’s key institutions.

The discussion centered around how conservative ideology has intentionally gutted America’s social safety net, corrupted our institutions, and made the government unaccountable to the American people.

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Chapter Seven: Sold Out in Maine

Season 1, Ep. 7
The Paycheck Protection Program was co-written by Maine’s very own Republican Senator Susan Collins, and it was signed into law as a means for small businesses with fewer than 500 employees to pay their workers and keep operations running during the pandemic. But, a loophole written into the program allowed for several major chains to receive millions of dollars in PPP loans from the same finite bucket of money, leaving crumbs for small businesses who followed the strictest of rules. Those loans, which made up a $349 billion stimulus effort were exhausted after just two weeks.The loophole is one reason that small businesses got so little when it came to the PPP loans, But then, there’s also the fact that banks were administering these loans. As banks were deciding the fate of businesses everywhere and making big profits, businesses all across the country were closing their doors and laying off workers. By April 23, more than 30 million people across America had filed for unemployment. This number has continued to rise. But that same month, in April, the S&P 500 and the Dow had their best months since 1987. The stock market was rallying...Why on the one hand did we see so many businesses close and massive job losses one day and see the stock market soaring the next? What does it mean that we have consistently seen both of these trends throughout a global pandemic? The links in our economic system that ensure when businesses profit, the people who work for those businesses profit as well, are fundamentally broken.