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  • 11. DOCTOR WHO, EXTRAORDINARY, and Maureen Ryan

    It's the Season 1 Finale of MADE POSSIBLE BY POP CULTURE! Author and journalist Maureen Ryan sits down with host/producer Danielle Turchiano just weeks ahead of her book, "BURN IT DOWN: POWER, COMPLICITY, AND A CALL FOR CHANGE IN HOLLYWOOD," being released in paperback to look at what's changed since she first released it (namely the labor movement), but also reflect on the inspiration of classic DOCTOR WHO and the desire to champion such lesser-known shows as EXTRAORDINARY.

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  • 10. Beverly Hills 90210, Anne Rice's Interview With the Vampire, and Damian Holbrook

    On the penultimate episode of Season 1, TV Guide Magazine Senior Writer Damian Holbrook and host/producer Danielle Turchiano look back on how BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 handled evolving the character of Brenda after she learns Dylan and Kelly hooked up, as well dive into the beauty but also toxicity on ANNE RICE's INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. In between, a lot of other shows come up, too, from MELROSE PLACE to WE'RE HERE and a look at the lack of college-set shows. Come for the usual format, stay for the wide-ranging interests!
  • 9. Star Trek and Scott Huver

    Host and producer Danielle Turchiano boldly goes into the ever-evolving, ever-expanding world of STAR TREK with entertainment journalist and author Scott Huver. She makes him pick favorite characters and one essential episode from the original series, and they discuss how his favorites have changed with new actors playing the roles, as well as how he has juggled being a fan and a professional when writing about these new shows. And yes, TREKKIES does come up.
  • 8. '90s Talk Shows, Abstract: The Art of Design, and jarrett hill

    Journalist and author jarrett hill joins host and producer Danielle Turchiano to discuss the influence 1990s talk shows from THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW to THE ROSIE O'DONNELL SHOW, THE VIEW, and THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW had on his young life, as well as why he is gravitating toward things like ABSTRACT: THE ART OF DESIGN today. Hint: It has a lot to do with his recent stage work, including the extension of his book HISTORICALLY BLACK PHRASES.
  • 7. The White Lotus, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Jim Halterman

    Host and producer Danielle Turchiano is joined by veteran entertainment journalist Jim Halterman currently of Coffee, TV & Me) to discuss the very special episode of THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW in which she refused to give up a source and went to jail, which taught a lot of people about the business of journalism, as well as why THE WHITE LOTUS is sparking Jim's creativity to write his own murder mystery drama.
  • 6. Gargoyles, The X Files, Disney+ content for adults, and Liz Shannon Miller

    Do you remember the 1990s sci-fi animated series GARGOYLES? Consequence Senior Entertainment Editor Liz Shannon Miller sure does! She compares the will-they-won't-they relationship in that show to Mulder and Scully in THE X FILES, and then she and host Danielle Turchiano look at the more mature content recently added to Disney+, considering whether parental controls are needed more now.
  • 5. Dragon Ball Z's Goku, Donald Glover, and Peter A. Berry

    If you've been waiting for an episode that's not so focused on TV, this is the start! Journalist Peter A. Berry (XXL, Complex, Pitchfork, Level Man, etc.) joins host Danielle Turchiano to explain his childhood motto of "What would Goku do?" (Yes, from DRAGON BALL Z), but also talk about why Donald Glover's evolution as a musical artist, writer, and actor has inspired him so much.Please note this episode was recorded prior to the passing of DRAGON BALL creator Akira Toriyama.