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BONUS: Scott H Young on effective learning, education, Cal Newport, mental models, and more

In this bonus episode we talk about a bunch of different things, including: the 9 principles of effective learning, mental models, his friendship with author Cal Newport, motivation, cultural differences in storytelling between the West and the East, education, the mysteries of consciousness, and why we can form analogies between vastly different things.

Scott H Young is an entrepreneur and author of Wall Street Journal best-seller Ultralearning. This bonus episode is (a LOT of) extra content from my interview with him. You can learn more about Scott at his blog, and his book Ultralearning is in bookstores everywhere and of course, on Amazon.

Scott is most well-known for a couple of things:

  1. Designing and completing “The MIT Challenge”, which involved teaching himself MIT’s undergraduate computer science curriculum in 1 year instead of the standard 4 without taking any classes.
  2. He also did “The Year Without English”, where in 12 months he learned 4 different languages in 4 different countries in complete immersion with little to no training in those languages beforehand.

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