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Lucy and Annabel

We're Back!

Season 4, Ep. 1

Season 4 premier- In true Lucy & Annabel style the ladies dig right into the nitty gritty. Lucy begins to open up about what's been alluded too but never explicitly expressed over the last two years of recording the show. We begin, at the tip of the iceberg of over a decade of Lucy's life dealing with what can only be described as a cult like setting, entrenched in narcissism and abuse. Lucy has bravely forged her way out and for the first time here begins to share her story in the hope others will feel empowered to take control back in their own lives and live free.

Craig David comes out the closet, FBI charges loom in a fake kidnapping, we laugh and cry.

Love you!

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  • 6. Thank You & Goodnight

    The Ladies have one final hoorah! Harry's frosty willy, learning to just 'be there' and ALL of our love. Love you!L&Ax
  • 6. Let it go

    Join the ladies, AKA the ghosts of Christmas past, as they take you for a thrilling sleigh ride through the most unconventional holiday special ever! From past life regression and birthday trauma, to making peace with death and visiting grief as an old friend, this is truly the most joyous time of year! And being chased by crazy witch ladies in pubs is the perfect star on the L&A tree. Happiest holidays from us,Love you!L&A
  • 5. Frisky 40

    Lucy gets NAKED and has a past life regression where we will finally get clarity on whether Annabel killed her in Mexico, in a past life. Annabel continues to learn how to widow...or not to widow,..we don't know. Good sex, skinny poles and $500. Love you!L&A x
  • 4. Real Magic!

    On this episode the ladies discuss the upcoming two year deathaversary of Ryan and Max, Annabel's husband and bestie. It's the start of the Holiday season. We're mad. Somehow, some way we end up talking about sex, pooping, Disneyland and Lucy's perfect tiddies. We're getting a sex therapist. Love you!L&A xox
  • 3. Scamservatoire

    In this episode we read through the Hollywood Reporter article on the Gloria Gifford Conservatory where in her own words and in black and white Gloria says she "does whatever it takes to get the best performance" from her students. Pinching, punching and luggage won't believe this sh*t. Supermodel witches and long overdue library books, ghost pics and chewing gum. Another episode from us to you....Love you!L&A x
  • vive la france

    We continue our conversations on abuse and Lucy's time at The Gloria Gifford Conservatory and in Scientology. Annabel goes to Paris and Lucy goes barefoot in to Lake Michigan.
  • 58. Heard v. Depp v. Jones v. Walsh

    Ooooooh boy you guys, we've got a drunk-cast on our hands. Well, more of a tipsy-cast. Anyway, drinky-poos aside this week the ladies tackle the talk of the town: The Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. Opinions are slung, shade is thrown, and bad acting is assessed. Plus: Full moon period energy, Davy's merch allowance and a slow motion vortex.
  • 57. Transracial

     Annabel's back in England! But no good international journey goes unpunished...the plane journey from hell strikes! Meanwhile, Lucy has major meetings and needs those good vibes. Plus: pronoun confusion, princess identification and paranormal feedback.