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Verizon Frontline's response to Hurricane Ian

Season 2

The destruction of Category 4 Hurricane Ian in Florida is far reaching, with over 491,000 homes and businesses still left without power. Verizon Frontline's team headed down to Florida with networking equipment and services in tow to ensure first responders have connectivity.

Cory Davis, AVP for Verizon Frontline, returns to the podcast with an update on how the service provider is coordinating with emergency services and local municipalities to provide network access and other emergency resources in the wake of the hurricane.

You can download a lightly edited transcript of the podcast here.

Here are a few topics we covered:

  • Update on the impact of Hurricane Ian on Florida (00:24)
  • Impact of the hurricane on Verizon's network (02:11)
  • Verizon Frontline equipment that's been deployed in Florida such as THOR (Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response) vehicle, drones and MEO (medium-Earth orbit) satellite technology (04:46)
  • What a successful emergency response system looks like for Verizon (07:26)
  • Planning ahead for future natural disasters (08:39)