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The Divide: Gary Bolton on taking fiber advocacy to the states

Gary Bolton, president of the Fiber Broadband Association, returns to the podcast to discuss how the fiber industry's advocacy efforts are changing as the US federal government implements its $65 billion broadband bill. We also discuss FBA's forthcoming fiber optic technician training program, broadband mapping woes at the FCC and more.

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The Notebook Dump: Ericsson acquires Vonage, national spectrum strategy, eSIM startup and Elvis impersonators

Season 2
Light Reading editors Mike "can't be bothered" Dano, Phil "the higher the hair the closer to heaven" Harvey and Kelsey "finger guns" Ziser get together for an informal recap of what's happened during the work week ended September 23, 2022.The stories covered include:10G, PON and pandemic PR: Light Reading's super-official SCTE Cable-Tec Expo wrap™Ericsson gets US clearance for Vonage take-offEricsson's $6.2B Vonage deal has befuddled investors – no wonderThe iPhone satellite service looks desperately niche5G may expand into 12.7GHz-13.25GHz nextRiPSIM promises to show carriers the bright side of eSIMsIf you want to skip around and listen, here are a few more things covered in this interview:SCTE Cable-Tec Expo show recap (00:50)Kelsey finally gets a new iPhone after hanging onto the XR for four years... but the satellite service on her iPhone 14 isn't available just yet (02:30)Ericsson hints at an update to the Vonage acquisition (Note: The update from Ericsson is coming out on September 26, not this week as initially stated during the podcast. Stay tuned for more from Light Reading on the acquisition next week). (06:17)The NTIA spectrum event and why Mike hates the phrase "the race to 5G" (09:21)Metaverse woes and why Second Life still sucks (12:30)Startup RiPSIM launches a new eSIM product (14:17)Things you never needed to know including the fact that New York ranks 8th for best states to go fishing in (not to be confused with phishing) (20:30)See you at Mobile World Congress Las Vegas, but don't ask Phil or Mike for an Elvis impersonation (23:51)