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Juniper CTO on a more efficient 5G future

Season 2

Juniper CTO Raj Yavatkar joins the podcast to discuss how the telecom industry can improve energy efficiency and service expectations for 5G deployments while also reducing the cost of running 5G networks. He also shares new use cases for private 5G and explains how Juniper is partnering with Rakuten Symphony on developing RAN Intelligent Controllers (RICs).

Here are just a few things covered in this podcast:

  • Opportunities for Juniper and its customers with 5G (01:00)
  • Growing interest in private 5G and new use cases (03:20)
  • Partnership with Rakuten Symphony on 5G deployments (06:30)
  • How to reduce the cost of running a 5G network for service providers (09:20)
  • Dynamic network capacity management and improving the energy efficiency of the network (12:00)
  • New approaches to data analytics and updates on Mist AI (13:07)
  • Automated service assurance (17:50)

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