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Infinera CEO on CHIPs, AI and 'spinning the wheel of innovation'

Season 3

Infinera CEO David Heard joins the podcast to discuss how the government's $53 billion investment in semiconductor research and manufacturing could significantly impact the optical networking industry in the US. 

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  • What's the Story? The ripple effect of the Orange and Másmóvil merger

    Light Reading's Tereza Krasova explains what the $20 billion Orange/Másmóvil merger could mean for other service provider mergers in the EU.
  • Comcast's MachineQ expands playbook for enterprise IoT

    Here are some topics we cover during the podcast:Witkowski offers an updated overview of MachineQ and its approach to the enterprise IoT sector (1:33)Examples of how MachineQ is tailoring its platform for various verticals, including hospitality (4:20)How MachineQ is gaining traction outside the US (6:15)How MachineQ collaborates with Comcast Business to market and sell enterprise IoT services (7:30)How MachineQ's platform has evolved to go beyond LoRaWAN to cover a wider range of enterprise IoT applications and services (11:50)Why smart cities are not a key area of focus at MachineQ (15:00)How MachineQ is starting to apply AI and machine learning to enterprise IoT (17:45)MachineQ's priorities for 2024 (27:00)
  • What's the Story? Gone is the multi-vendor dream of open RAN… for now

    Light Reading's Phil Harvey, Iain Morris and Mike Dano join the podcast to discuss the original goal of open RAN compared to recent moves by service providers to go all-in on one vendor. 
  • Omdia on why telcos are increasingly fixated on reducing opex

    Omdia's Adam Mackenzie joins the podcast to dig into the causes of rising opex and explain how service providers can manage it.
  • What's the Story? NTIA's Alan Davidson calls for 'army of auditors' to regulate AI

    Light Reading's Phil Harvey joins the podcast from on-site at the 20th annual State of the Net conference in Washington, DC, where NTIA Administrator Alan Davidson said the US government needs to utilize an 'army of auditors' to better regulate and manage AI.
  • What's the Story? Much ado about YouTube TV's meteoric rise

    Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner joins the podcast to discuss YouTube TV becoming a primary player in the pay TV market, hitting the 8 million subscriber mark. Meanwhile, traditional pay TV players are treading water as more subscribers cut the cord.
  • The Divide: How United Fiber and Calix are connecting communities in rural Missouri

    In this episode, we hear from United Fiber's Darren Farnan and Calix's Matt Collins about United Fiber's work to close Northwest Missouri's digital divide and how the companies have partnered to deliver additional community benefits.
  • Gigi Sohn on the fight for public broadband

    Gigi Sohn, executive director of the American Association for Public Broadband (AAPB), spoke to Light Reading about municipal broadband networks in the US, including why and where they're popping up the most, where the biggest success stories are, and how her organization is working to defend against efforts by incumbent providers and "dark money" groups to derail community networks. Interview conducted by Light Reading contributor Diana Blass.
  • Ritter's CTO on the future of fiber, HFC, video and (maybe) mobile

    Victor Esposito, Ritter Communications' new CTO, says the company's fiber expansion is a top priority, even as the operator spruces up its HFC network and mulls the future role of video.