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10G, FARMSIS and the future of cable broadband

Season 2

Phil McKinney, president and CEO of CableLabs, joins the Light Reading podcast to discuss where the cable industry is on the path to 10G and how CableLabs is stoking interest and innovation with its 10G Challenge.

"The path to the ultimate vision for 10G – 10 gigabits and beyond – is a long road. We're talking multi-gigabit symmetrical coming soon and then getting into the higher speeds. But, again, 10G is not just about DOCSIS," McKinney told podcast hosts Phil Harvey and Kelsey Ziser. "We also have a lot of work going on in fiber and then there are other elements – low latency, improved security, improved privacy and all of those elements. We made great progress in 2021. And in 2022, a lot of the focus is on the next step in speed and performance."

Here are just a few things covered in this podcast episode:

  • The CableLabs 10G challenge (04:10)
  • The kinds of applications that would really need ultra-low latency (6:25)
  • How CableLabs is working to help companies find their way in the metaverse (09:46)
  • Adaptive route control, application privacy and why apps don't need to always know your location (14:29)
  • Does IPA beer taste like grass clippings? (20:56)
  • FARMSIS – the funny name and serious effort to connect rural America (22:02)

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