#C1067: FOODTECH: Synne Foss Budal: Technology for animal welfare

Season 1, Ep. 1067

We are happy to present to you the first episode in our collaboration with Oslo Innovation week 2021! In this talk, Silvija meets the General Manager of NoFence, Synne Foss Budal, who speaks on the track "Scaling your growth company" at the event. With the NoFence solution, the farmer can control your animal herd with GPS solutions from your PC or mobile phone. No physical fences are needed, and the animal uses their hearing skills to know where the virtual fences are. Tune in to learn more about what future farming will look like and how Nofence combines sustainable solutions with animal welfare.

— The sustainability and opportunity lies in utilizing our grasslands


This is what you will learn:

Animal welfare  

Animal health 

Upscaling internationally 

Innovation in farming 

Recommended literature:

"Kiss The Ground", dokumentar på Netflix 

"Cows save the Planet", bok av Judith D. Schwartz 

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