Low Key


Tyler Perry's 'A Fall From Grace' and the Legacy of the Perry-verse

Season 1, Ep. 54

Tyler Perry’s ‘A Fall From Grace’ is the latest film release and his first foray in the profitable Netflix original - did we enjoy it? You’ll have to listen to find out. But it’s fair to spoil that there’s a lot to like - a likable main character with relatable real-world circumstances, an impactful murder sequence, and the impeccable Phylicia Rashad like you’ve never seen her before.

Throughout this episode we also cover the legacy of Perry and the new Tyler Perry Studios lot in Atlanta that could change opportunities for minorities working to show off projects that are not receiving due attention. 

Even if you don’t love the Perry-verse, this is a great episode to understand his legacy in Hollywood and beyond. Please join us again to fill an hour and follow us on @thelowkeypod!

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