Low Key


The Mandalorian Is on a Mission to Unite the Best and Worst of Star Wars

Season 1, Ep. 48

The Mandalorian signaled how sweepingly it plans to embrace the entire Star Wars universe when it stocked its very first references to The Star Wars Holiday Special, a much-despised 1978 TV show that even George Lucas would like to forget. 

In our episode, we talk about how charmingly Jon Favreau's The Mandalorian has incorporated not only the things we all agree are cool (Bounty hunters! blasters! Freezing dudes in carbonite!) but also elements of the universe that some fans prefer not to talk about (cute creatures! Midichlorians! The Star Wars Holiday Special!)

Here are some highlights, with timestamps:

1:10: We talk about this storyabout the Star Wars Holiday Special, which is "kind of a janky affair."

2:45: Is Boba Fett overrated?

4:15: How The Mandaloriancalls back the Clint Eastwood-Sergio Leone spaghetti Westerns

6:45: Is The Mandalorian's secret headquarters on Tatooine? 

16:10: Why you need to use the closed captions while watching The Mandalorian.

22:50: Star Wars' over-explaining problem, aka Jedisplaining.

41:45: Shoutout to Minnow, which is NOT a sponsor.

42:45: What's a better title: The Morning Showor The Mandalorian

48:50: Netflix is doing a good job on representation, and sometimes showing so-so movies are a positive part of that. 

50:50: In defense of Lifetime movies.

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