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Netflix's 'Uncorked' Is a Worthy Memphis Movie

Season 1, Ep. 58

Memphis is well known mostly for its music and food, rarely getting a chance to branch out beyond that common framing. Netflix’s ‘Uncorked’ is going for something a little different as it follows the story of a young 20-something guy hoping to accomplish his dream of attaining the title of Master Sommelier. His father wants him to stay over the family business, a BBQ joint first started by his grandfather who bootstrapped his way to entrepreneurial success. Go for your dreams or take over the family business with regrets - it’s an age old tale with a Memphis twist. And because two of Low Key’s host are from the Bluff City, a review was bound to happen no matter what.

Among the actoral talent are anchors of black cinema such as Courtney B. Vance and Niecy Nash provide FOILs for each other - accepting a child’s dream (however fickle it may be) versus taking the mantle (and responsibility) chosen for them. Relative newcomers Mamoudou Athie and Sasha Compère have an undeniable chemistry that ebbs positively and negatively in a way that feels genuine on the screen. From the music to the choreography, there’s a lot to like about this music. It’s not perfect as we discuss over an hour but it is worth your time.

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Episode Breakdown

2:39 - Overall impressions

9:20 - Does Elijah appreciate his family’s sacrifice?

11:50 - Elijah’s vibe and Mamoudou Athie;s performance

13:00 - A discussion on “nice guys” and “cool guys”

22:40 - How the films handles racial dynamics

26:38 - Memphis representation (city sights, music, and culture)

38:00 - What is the purpose of Elijah’s sister?

41:15 - Covid-19 implications

46:40 - Netflix’s continued commitment to diverse stories

50:23 - ‘Tiger King’ appreciation 

53:30 - Covid-19 impact on Hollywood and celebrities

57:30 - Keith’s birthday and St.Jude donation drive