Low Key


Episode 11: Louis C.K., Asia Argento, and Sexual Harassment as a White Collar Crime

Season 1, Ep. 11

Louis C.K. is attempting a comeback on his own timeline after admitted masturbatory misdeeds.

Asia Argento is denying sexual assault allegations from a male (at the time) minor.

Like many high profile accused folk, neither of them is likely to face criminal charges. Tim, Keith and Aaron are crazy enough to wonder aloud:

  • Why sexual crimes have so few consequences even when they are proven to have happened?
  • Would people treat the Asia Argento situation more seriously if the genders were reversed?
  • Who should serve as head of our made-up Comedy HR? (*spoiler* we nominated Sarah Silverman and Anthony Jeselnik)

It's the craziest episode yet and we're happy to bring it you!

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