Low Key


8-Bit Christmas Review (The Low Key Holiday Spectacular)

Season 1, Ep. 118

8-Bit Christmas features Neil Patrick Harris as a modern-day dad telling his daughter the very '80s story of his quest for a Nintendo. It's packed with knowing '80s references like the Cabbage Patch Kid crisis and deep cuts like the infamous Billy Ripken "f--- face" card, and owes obvious debts to the '80s classics A Christmas Story and The Princess Bride.

Tim, a child of the '80s, and Keith and Aaron, children of the '90s, have different levels of enthusiasm for the HBO Max film: Keith finally asks Tim: Are you maybe a little too close to this material?

But this is a fun conversation that veers merrily into why dads don't build treehouses anymore, the best dumb Christmas movies, and, of course, true meaning of the holidays. Merry Christmas, f--- face.