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Seeking Sister Wife & 90 Day Fiance

Ep. 56

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On a much lighter note, Jodie found a new sport to follow while Amanda attended a questionably problematic performance of “Victor/Victoria”. Speaking of problematic, the men on Seeking Sister Wife are doing a phenomenal job of making their wives and girlfriends happy. Marcus can’t wait to see what Bina can do with her braces mouth, and the Merrifields can’t wait for Lea to shut hers. What a world we live in when Sidian and Tosha look like the Cleavers!

Emily continues to make Kobe’s life as miserable as possible this week on 90 Day Fiance. The ring didn’t mean a thing (TM- Kandi Burruss), but at least we didn’t have to see a nipple, so there’s that. Ari’s mom loosens up over Ethiopian New Year, and basically offers Leandro an indecent proposal. Get a room, Janice! Please leave a 5-Star Review, thank you!

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Becoming Sister Wives book club and HOTTTT topics!

Ep. 88
We're talking about all the things we love to hate this week! The Price of Glee, Hot Topics like Alec & Hilaria Baldwin's Spanish grift, Louis CK, a reading from the Book of Brown "Becoming Sister Wives" and more!HILARIA BALDWIN slammed for using ‘fake’ Spanish accent when she deflected reporters https://nypost.com/2023/01/21/hilaria...LOUIS C.K. Is Accused by 5 Women of Sexual Misconduct https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/09/ar...THE PRICE OF GLEECast and crew recount the rise of Glee and reveal for the first time how sudden stardom and the unrelenting pressure of making a hit show can have tragic consequences. Lea Michele Got Seriously Dragged In The Explosive New Docuseries “The Price Of Glee.” Here's Everything We Learned...BECOMING SISTER WIVESThe Story of an Unconventional MarriageThe uncensored, New York Times bestselling memoir by the polygamist stars of the hit show Sister Wives, Kody and his four wives openly discuss what it’s like living in a plural marriage.A SINGULAR STORY OF PLURAL MARRIAGESince TLC first launched its popular reality program Sister Wives, Kody Brown, his four wives—Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn—and their seventeen children have become one of the most famous families in the country.Follow us on Instagram & Twitter!WE LOVE TO HATE TV on Patreon find the visual of this podcast on our YouTube channel.Shop our new Merch Store! Coyote Pass! So Tiny So Cold! Ya Fine!Join our closed/private Facebook Group "We Love to Hate TV"WE LOVE TO HATE TV *Tier 1: "Camp'd out: Im going to Music Theatre Camp"*Tiers 2+: Sister Wives S5 E8 "Hard to Say Goodbye"TOTAL REQUEST PODCASTCamp'd out: Im going to Music Theatre Camplink.chtbl.com/wlthewww.lovetohatepod.com

Sister Wives S17 E16 "One on One Part 3"

Ep. 86
Watch the latest episode of Sister Wives with us! We finally reach our breaking point with Suki, while #GraniteGate has also reached its decided conclusion. Janelle decided to wash that man right outta her hair, which really chaps Kody's ass because - well, he obviously resents Janelle for her healthy hair follicles- and for the fact that she is FRIENDS with Christine. CHRISTINE! The meanest ex-wife in ex-wife history, and Janelle has chosen her over him. Don't worry, we will explain it to you like you're a woman: Kody CAN compare wives. Christine and Janelle CANNOT. Culpable. Cap in hand. Best Customer. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! We have a surprise Guest, Jeanne, who has a *LIVE UNBOXING of a MY SISTER WIFE'S CLOSET "Collection Piece*. It is not to be missed!!!!! Oh, and Meri & her TBD yeast infection shows up for 36 seconds. NEXT WEEK: Sister Wives GUEST PANEL of Podcasters!Season 17 E171/8/23One on One: Part 3In this final episode of one-on-one interviews, Kody is confronted with the question of whether he has a "favorite wife." Then, Kody and Janelle open up about the conflict over holidays and reveal the status of their relationship.Follow us on Instagram & Twitter!WE LOVE TO HATE TV on Patreon find the visual of this podcast on our YouTube channel.Shop our new Merch Store! Coyote Pass! So Tiny So Cold! Ya Fine!Join our closed/private Facebook Group "We Love to Hate TV"WE LOVE TO HATE TV *Tier 1: Real Housewives of Salt Lake City*Tiers 2+: RHOSLC & Sister Wives S5 E3 "More Sister Wives"TOTAL REQUEST PODCASTEuphoria S2 E5 "Stand Still Like the Hummingbird"link.chtbl.com/wlthewww.lovetohatepod.com