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How to be relaxed for a date

Hayley Quinn is joined at #LoveHQ by Annik Rau from Pony Express Speaker's Club to talk: * Stage fright & fear * Pre-date nerves * Grounding techniques Find out about Annik's speaker's club here > Grab a free trial of Hayley's club at

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    LoveHQ maybe on pause but I'm back with an all female podcast dream team to talk to you about modern relationships, sex and technology with my new Curious Nature of Sex podcast check it out and let me know what you think
  • The future of love and sex

    Why 'you're too intimidating' is a myth and what the future of sex is Great discussions with Chief Pleasure Officer Stephanie from as we talk sextech, intimidation and the future of love
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    Negotiating difficult conversations with your guy... Today I talk to Shawn from who gives some great practical advice on negotiating the conversations you struggle to have with him. NLP used well :-)
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    Today I get some 'man opinion' from Ben at Super Fit Dad on some no go additions to your online profile
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    Both intimately and in life generally Charles Rare and I talk about how it takes more courage to receive than to give! Check out more of his work @rare_thoughts
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    I'm joined by Rosie Allen to tell you which gurus and messages to avoid! Valuable words of caution are coming your way
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    I tell you why love needs to evolve and why you have to vote evolution
  • Would you use a male escort?

    In my latest controversial podcast I interview Garren James from about the services he provides to women looking to pay for intimacy. This interview blew my mind, I hope you enjoy it :)
  • Don't assume this about him

    This week I'm joined by coach and performer Ashley to discuss how you can stop going into 'story' mode and jumping to bad conclusions about the guy you're dating.