cover art for An exclusive preview of the Love Items AUDIOBOOK!

Love Items

An exclusive preview of the Love Items AUDIOBOOK!

At Ochenta, we've just released a new audiobook for Valentine’s Month: Love, Gods, and Other Intelligent Systems, based on our podcast Love Items. If you've already listened to Cloe and Eloc's story about finding true love, don't worry! In this audiobook, you’ll delve deep into the most intriguing questions of Love Items: Why did Eloc gain all of her magical powers in the first place? What was at stake on planet Earth while Cloe was trying to find the right one?

You can find Love, Gods, and Other Intelligent Systems on platforms such as:

Available also in Spanish and Italian.

When you listen to Ochenta’s originals and purchase its audiobooks, you are directly supporting our independent production, allowing us to bring more stories like this into the world! Get more information about our audiobooks at

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    Studio Ochenta’s creative work reflects our motto: Raising Voices across Cultures. We produce global stories for international audiences to make sure language isn’t a barrier to enjoying a great story. Check out our award-winning original podcasts for kids of all ages, which reached #1 in over 31 countries.
  • 25. 25. The wedding march

    Cloe and Eloc reflect on the experience of love.
  • 24. 24. Airport motivation speech

    Eloc loses their power and Cloe has to make a decision...
  • 23. 23. Since I met you

    Eloc reads Cloe a love letter from Guillaume.
  • 22. 22. Love bomb

    Cloe confronts Guillaume... it doesn't go well.
  • 21. 21. Too misty, and too much in love

    Cloe steals a new object from Guillaume, Eloc analyzes it and they discover something unexpected...