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  • 15. Inside Celebrity Big Brother's live final including hours-long Diary Room shoots, fake tan and full glam squads

    Felicity Cross is joined by Howell Davies and Alex Doyle.We discuss the shocking eviction twist, the hilarious massage moment between Louis and Fern, and get all the behind-the-scenes secrets from former housemate Gemma Lucy. Plus, we analyze the odds, fan predictions, and our own thoughts on who will take home the CBB crown. Don't miss this must-listen for Big Brother fans!The shocking eviction twist and the crew member's accidental revealHilarious Louis and Fern massage momentGemma Lucy shares behind-the-scenes secrets of finale dayAnalysis of fan predictions and bookies' odds for the winnerSinitta's candid thoughts on Louis and her former co-starsAJ Odudu's savage Bradley eviction momentPodcast Chapters:0:00 - 2:00 Intro and recap of previous night's events2:00 - 8:00 Discussing the eviction twist and crew member's mistake8:00 - 12:00 Louis and Fern's hilarious massage moment12:00 - 18:00 Gemma Lucy's finale day secrets and glam squad revelations18:00 - 24:00 Analysis of fan predictions and bookies' odds24:00 - 30:00 Sinitta's thoughts on Louis and former co-stars30:00 - 36:00 AJ Odudu's savage Bradley eviction moment36:00 - 40:00 Wrap-up and final thoughts#thesun #cbb #bigbrother
  • 14. Celebrity Big Brother 2024 - Backstage chaos revealed on our podcast after HUGE secret eviction blunder

    Join Amanda Devlin and Felicity Cross as they break down the latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother in this hilarious podcast recap. From the shocking surprise eviction to the drama between Nikita and Fern, they cover it all with their signature wit and insight. Don't miss their predictions for the finale and their take on the BAFTA TV nominations! Breakdown of the latest Celebrity Big Brother episode Shocking surprise eviction and behind-the-scenes chaos Drama between Nikita and Fern, and Nikita's "media training" BAFTA TV nominations and potential moments from the show Loved ones' letters and predictions for the finalePodcast Chapters:0:00 - 2:04 Intro and discussion about the surprise eviction chaos2:04 - 6:03 Breakdown of Nikita's game and potential "media training"6:03 - 10:14 Discussion on Angie's narrative and viewer complaints10:14 - 14:15 Fern's reaction to Nikita's gameplay and the "balloon incident"14:15 - 18:57 David's competitive nature and Louis' name-dropping18:57 - 23:35 BAFTA TV nominations and potential CBB moments23:35 - 27:24 Kerry Katona's desire to return and potential All-Stars season27:24 - 30:19 Louis' name-dropping and Simon Cowell's potential appearance30:19 - 33:43 Loved ones' letters and potential appearances33:43 - 39:34 Final thoughts and predictions for the finale#thesun #cbb #bigbrother
  • 13. Celebrity Big Brother 2024 - I'm not bitter about infamous Fern Britton clash that left me suicidal, says CBB star Kerry Katona

    I'm not bitter about infamous Fern Britton clash that made me feel suicidal - but now everyone's finally seeing the real her, says ex CBB star Kerry KatonaIn this episode of Celebrity Big Brother Breakdown, Amanda Devlin and Felicity Cross discuss the intense double eviction night and the brewing 'beef' between Nikita and Fan. They analyze Fan's perceived sensitivity about her age and Nikita's reaction. Join them as they explore the dynamics between the remaining housemates, the potential surprise eviction, and their predictions for the final.Podcast Chapters:00:00 - 02:09 Introduction and discussion on the Nikita-Fan 'beef'02:09 - 06:02 Analysing Fern's perceived sensitivity and Nikita's reaction06:02 - 09:30 The disconnect between the show and the audience's perception09:30 - 13:41 Challenges for women to win reality TV shows13:41 - 15:37 Predictions for the surprise eviction15:37 - 19:02 Analysis of the remaining housemates' chances19:02 - 21:09 Discussion on AJ and Will's handling of interviews21:09 - 24:15 Louis' behind-the-scenes stories from The X Factor24:15 - 28:26 The upcoming balloon challenge and prize28:26 - 31:13 David's secret challenge involving Diet Coke31:13 - 33:34 Final predictions and wrap-up
  • 12. Celebrity Big Brother 2024 - Fern Britton's behaviour is 'chilling' claims expert who reveals key signs CBB star is being fake

    Get ready for an explosive breakdown of Celebrity Big Brother! Join hosts Amanda Devlin and Felicity Cross as they dissect the drama, passion, and energy of the latest episode. Dive into the latest twists, feuds, and meme-worthy moments with expert analysis and insider insights. From Ferne's controversial gameplay to the double eviction bombshell, this episode leaves no stone unturned. Brace yourself for a wild ride through the scandalous world of Celebrity Big Brother!Podcast Chapters:0:00 - 2:09 Introduction and initial thoughts on the episode2:09 - 6:07 Interview with body language expert Darren Stanton on Ferne's behaviour6:07 - 16:46 Discussion on Ferne's emotional state and the snake twist16:46 - 27:19 Levi's comments on the toxic house divide and "micro-bullying"27:19 - 35:35 Breakdown of the housemate confrontations35:35 - 36:27 Closing thoughts and predictions for the eviction
  • 11. Celebrity Big Brother 2024 - 'He's a brat' blasts CBB star as he launches furious rant against David Potts

    Join Amanda Devlin and Felicity Cross for an in-depth breakdown of the latest drama from Celebrity Big Brother! In this episode, they discuss Ekin-Su's explosive eviction, Louis Walsh's showbiz feuds, and James Whale's take on the current housemates. Don't miss the exclusive audio clips and behind-the-scenes insights!Ekin-Su's shocking eviction and aftermathLouis Walsh's explosive audio slamming Ronan KeatingJames Whale's unfiltered opinions on the current housematesInsider insights and behind-the-scenes gossipExclusive audio clips and in-depth analysisIntroduction and Catchup (0:00 - 3:34)Akin's Eviction Fallout (3:34 - 14:04)Louis Walsh's Showbiz Feuds (14:04 - 22:33)James Whale's Unfiltered Opinions (22:33 - 25:44)Highlights and Memorable Moments (25:44 - 32:08)Golden Ticket Twist Debate (32:08 - 35:35)Nominations and Game Play (35:35 - 38:01)
  • 10. Celebrity Big Brother 2024 - I don't know if I believe 'fake' Ekin-Su or not after nomination chaos, says CBB winner James Hill

    Join Felicity Cross and Howell Daves for the Celebrity Big Brother Breakdown podcast as we dive into the juicy details and drama from the latest episode! Get ready for an entertaining analysis of the nominations, the tension between Ekin-Su and Marisha, and the double eviction. We'll also be joined by former Apprentice and CBB winner James Hill, who shares his unique perspective on reality TV shows. Plus, we'll dish on a spicy Ronan Keating story involving Louis Walsh. Don't miss this hilarious and insightful breakdown of all the Celebrity Big Brother action!00:00 - 02:00 - Intro and RecapWelcome back and catching up after Oscar coverageDiscussing Marisa's Olivier Award nomination bombshell02:00 - 10:00 - Ekin-Su/Marisha DramaBreaking down the nominations and fallout between Ekin-Su and MarishaFern's scathing "disappointed and disturbed" commentMarisha admitting she nominated Ekin-Su because she can't beat herThe online hate and threats towards Ekin-Su10:00 - 15:30 - Double Eviction PredictionsPreviewing the double evictionWho is likely to survive between Levi, Fern, David, Louis, Ekin-Su?Evaluating who has the fan support to stay15:30 - 22:00 - Interview with James HillExclusive interview with former Apprentice and CBB winnerHis take on Louis, Ekin-Su, who could winInsight into going from one reality show to another22:00 - 28:00 - Ronan Keating/Louis Walsh TeaSpilling the tea on the Ronan Keating story involving Louis WalshMore hilarious Louis Walsh anecdotes and stories28:00 - 32:00 - Final Winner Predictions and Wrap UpFinal predictions on who could go all the wayWhy Nikita or David could have a good shotPreview of next week's finale podcast#thesun #celebritybigbrother #cbb