The Losers' Club: A Stephen King Podcast

  • 29. The Boogeyman Movie Review

    The Losers review Rob Savage's The Boogeyman. Together, they discuss the creature design, the connection to It, the nastiness of the original story, the mental health metaphor, the in-world rules/lore, the goofy cameo joke, and our own Boogeymen when we were kids.Follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Patreon
  • 28. Rob Savage on The Boogeyman, The Shining, and The Langoliers

    The Losers are joined by filmmaker, screenwriter, editor, and producer Rob Savage, whose latest film The Boogeyman is haunting theaters everywhere. Together, they discuss growing up with Stephen King in the UK, the transition from found footage to traditional narrative, shooting in the dark, the monster vs. the metaphor, and working with a major studio. He also discusses his affinity for Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, shares an anecdote involving King, and singles out the next story he'd love to adapt (spoiler: The Langoliers).Follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Patreon
  • 27. The Boogeyman: Mortality Rate

    An ambitious ER physician meets her scariest patient yet in a new original audio drama from The Losers’ Club inspired by The Boogeyman and created in partnership with 20th Century StudiosWritten by Dan Caffrey. Featuring performances by Ashley Casseday, Lauren Ogle, and Guenievere Govea. Editing, sound design, and original music by Mae Shults. Produced by Michael Roffman, Randall Colburn, and Dan Caffrey.From the mind of Stephen King, The Boogeyman is now playing only in theaters. Get tickets now:
  • 26. The Stephen King Influence Over TV (Patreon Clip)

    Here's a clip from our our latest Patreon exclusive episode that sees the Losers studying Stephen King’s influence over television throughout the years. Together, they see what they can learn from TV’s treatment of King’s work — from the jokes, to the references, to the shows that, if not for him, might not exist. Want to hear the full track? Become a member of The Barrens (Patreon) by visiting You'll unlock hundreds hours of exclusive content that includes The Stephen King Archives, dozens of Ka-mmentary tracks for your favorite King flicks, all of our Lobstrosities episodes clawing through those silly King sequels, in addition to spinoffs like The Soul's Midnight, Talkin' Hawkins, and CrichtonCast. Not to mention, dozens upon dozens of locked episodes and one-offs.Follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Patreon
  • 25. Duma Key

    The Losers grab their swim trunks and take a plunge into Stephen King's 2008 seaside supernatural thriller Duma Key. Join Losers Dan Caffrey, Jenn Adams, Dan Pfleegor, and Rachel Reeves as they count their steps in the sand and share a pitcher of iced green tea. They’ll hang out under the beach umbrella and discuss how to draw a picture, meditations on healing, aquatic horror, and the end of King’s post-accident phase of writing. How many times can one character get away with saying the word “Muchacho?” They’ll draw the answer into being with a deep dive into King’s Floridian novel. His first.Follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Patreon
  • 24. Hollywood King: On The Monkey, The Life of Chuck, and King v. Scorsese

    The heat is on across King's Dominion. To cool off, The Losers' Club put on their shades, rev up their ol' Plymouth Fury, and feel the breeze in Hollywood King. Along the way, they sort through plenty of Needful Tweets. Topics include Stephen King on Scorsese, most memorable one-shots in the King film canon, headlines surrounding The Monkey and The Life of Chuck, more Welcome to Derry updates, Needful Things on 4K, and much much more.Follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Patreon
  • 23. Ranking Stephen King's Writers

    Of all the advice Stephen King offers in his memoir On Writing, “write what you know” may be the best. It’s certainly advice he follows as his vast catalog is nearly bursting with writer protagonists and the occasional villainous scribe. With King’s last literary outing with his own protagonist, Richard Bachman, behind us, we’re rounding up all of King’s fictional writers to duke it out in a March Madness style tournament until only one remains. Join Jenn Adams as she cues up the arena rock and tips off a series of head-to-head battles in which an expert panel including Michael Roffman, Dan Caffrey, and Julia Marchese slowly narrow down the field to an epic final showdown. Nail-biters and buzzer-beaters abound in our quest to identify King’s ultimate writer.Note: This was recorded last month and is being unlocked in lieu of scheduling issues. For more exclusive episodes like this that we haven't unlocked -- not to mention, over hundreds of hours of content --please join us at Follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Patreon | Store
  • 22. Meg Elison on Stephen King and Fatness

    Losers' Club co-host Randall Colburn speaks to writer Meg Elison about her Fantasy Magazine article, All the King's Women: The Fats. It's a breezy and lighthearted chat that should prove enlightening to Constant Readers everywhere. It should be noted that this was originally recorded in January 2022 and is being unlocked from The Barrens. For more exclusive interviews like this that we haven't unlocked -- not to mention, over hundreds of hours of content --please join us at Otherwise, enjoy this conversation. Follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Patreon | Store
  • 21. Ranking the Richard Bachman Books: From Rage to Blaze

    With Blaze back on the shelf, the Losers have finished their Richard Bachman run -- at least until now. To cap it all off, they do what any self-respecting Constant Reader would do: gather around, argue, and rank all seven of his novels: from 1977's Rage to 2007's Blaze. Want to know more about Bachman? Seek out our exhaustive primer episode on ‘ol Dicky that offers an A-to-Z account of Stephen King's fictional (and deceased) author. You can get it now in the Barrens -- -- where you’ll also find hundreds of hours of bonus content.Follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Patreon