cover art for Loose Ends 207 - Greg Lynn Used Kerosene, Court Hears

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Loose Ends 207 - Greg Lynn Used Kerosene, Court Hears

Season 5, Ep. 238

In another Thailand / Melbourne episode, Paul tells John and the listeners some new developments in the disturbing case of Greg Lynn.

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  • 247. Is Lucy Letby Innocent?

    A staggering piece in the New Yorker poses a terrible question as Lucy Letby fights off more accusations in court: did she do it?
  • 246. Loose Ends 211 - Runny Eggs

    Paul reveals which thrilling new crime novel he's narrating, and John struggles with runny eggs. Plus, a flying friend joins the scene.
  • 245. The Incredible Story of Stéphane Breitwieser

    John and Paul steal a look at the career of prolific art thief, Stéphane Breitwieser. Prepare for an incredible story about a truly odd guy.
  • 244. Loose Ends 210 - White Collar Crime

    John and Paul discuss the thorny issue of white collar crime, before diving into what a world with AI courtrooms might look like (probably not good).
  • 243. The Late Michael Mosley

    John and Paul take a look at the recently unfolding story of Michael Mosley, beloved British TV presenter, who went missing on the Greek island of Symi.
  • 242. Loose Ends 209 - Fully Sick

    Paul is wretchedly ill - ironic, given that John has taken to a potentially dangerous new showering regime. Plus: the morality of billionaires, and art heists!
  • 241. How The Scream Was Stolen

    Munch's iconic The Scream was stolen back in 1994, but the true story of how they got it back? Legendary stuff.
  • 240. Loose Ends 208 - Dad's Fashion Nightmares

    Why does John dress the way he does? Has he given up? Or are there more complex elements at work behind the ol' noggin'?
  • 239. Murder by the Yarra

    John serves Paul a true crime story from Melbourne's recent past - a samurai-sword killing carried out in 2002 during what could be described as a brewing gang war.