Looking Up - by Max McCoy

How do we find clarity, direction, and fulfillment amongst the noise of the modern world? I try and find answers to these questions as I talk to leaders in the worlds of personal development, spirituality, and personal performance, while also reflecting on my own personal journey.

Yo! I'm Max. I'm a video producer, podcaster, and student of what it means to find and pursue your most authentic direction.


After ending my college basketball career early, I went deep into the world of personal development and spirituality, looking for a path that strayed from what I considered to be “the norm” for most former athletes. Through the resurrection of my creativity, and a cultivation of faith in following my inner guidance, I became a (humble brag) sought after creative partner for some of the biggest names in personal development. Because it's what I most struggled with, I'm now excited about helping others find and pursue their own sense of authentic direction.