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Locked Down - Episode 11 - Easy Solutions - Fraud Prevention in a new world order

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  • Locked Down - Ep 23 - Bill Thompson of the BBC talks Digital Transformation

    This show was recorded INSIDE BBC Broadcasting House in Central London interviewing the amazing Bill Thompson for a second time. We talk about digital transformation, digital rights, security of data and reputation. Recorded live on the studio floor of the BBC Science team responsible for BBC ClickBrought to you by Voxiferi Broadcasting
  • Locked Down - Episode 4 - Lance James of Flashpoint talks to Richard at The Moscone

    Sat down with me today is Lance James, Chief Scientist at Flashpoint. Flashpoint are probably THE guys to go to when you think about emerging threat. If you've seen Mr Robot, Flashpoint is about as close to that as it gets, except real world. Threat identification, planning and looking at emerging threat globally, looking at terrorist threat, cyber terrorism, ransomware etc. Lance is a good friend and I always panic before recording as he and I will laugh like drains if allowed. Lance is the author of "Phishing Exposed", former Deloitte, working with CBC, CNN, the BBC, the David Lawrence Show, ZDNet, Wired News, CSO, USA Today, Fox News, and the Washington Post and now seen live on US TV as a security anchorman. He's also my drinking buddy.
  • Locked Down - Episode 5 -Todd Inskeep of the RSAC Committee

    The RSA Conference organising committee do an amazing job every year to spend 365 days putting together the best conference they can and the continual planning for other geographic RSA events. I'm joined on the show by Todd Inskeep and he and I detail why attending RSA, being an exhibitor or an attendee is so vital to be taken credibly and to increase your chances of succeeding in security or dealing with emerging threat.
  • Locked Down - Episode 6 - Jim Reavis Cloud Security Alliance

    Jim Reavis is one of my trusted long term friends in the world of security. He has built up with tenacity the global presence of the CSA and to work hard to ensure that tools that have come of CSA have slowly but surely affected the way governments understand threat.
  • Locked Down - Episode 8 - ZoneFox the best startup you’ve never heard of

    I mentioned ZoneFox in my column on TheStack yesterday. Well I think it's time you heard them talk. They are an ethical and hugely talented startup in Scotland. I really hope they are NOT acquired soon. I think being acquired could be the dumbest thing they could do unless it was on the promise of their product and futures being assured. This technology, and I am really hard to impress, is one of the diamonds of RSAConference this year. Sadly 99.8% of the people attending will come away without ever hearing of it. So lets do something about that. Listen to this show because if you are a developer or a company executive you're going to come away thinking - I want or need this product. It's THAT good.
  • Locked Down - Episode 9 - Nuix make ”Person of Interest” a reality

    Ever seen the thriller series "Person of Interest" ? In the show an overarching computer called "The Machine" knows and sees everything, Nuix an Australian company staffed by former military intelligence staffers has produced just that. Keith and I discuss.
  • Locked Down - Episode 10 - Bastille, those clever IoT security guys

    Bastille-Networks are clever folk. They are in the top three IoT security companies on the planet and Marc Newlin is a smart engineer, listen in because there is a vulnerability he has discovered which should concern us all. I'm not going to spoil this - Go listen....