cover art for Wolfgang Münchau: Germany is in trouble

UnHerd with Freddie Sayers

Wolfgang Münchau: Germany is in trouble

Freddie Sayers sits down with Wolfgang Münchau , former co-editor of FT Deutschland, and founder and co-director of the Eurointelligence blog, to talk about Germany, the new sick man of Europe.

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  • Kathleen Stock: Inside Britain’s new trans clinics

    Since its closure was announced last July, Gids — the Gender Identity Development Service at the world-renowned Tavistock and Portman Trust — has become synonymous with mismanagement and medical scandal.It was supposed to be a haven for young people experiencing gender-related distress. Instead, following a string of complaints by whistle-blowers, an “inadequate” rating by the Care Quality Commission, a high-profile judicial review and, finally, a damning independent review, it was deemed unsafe.In its place, two new regional hubs were set to open, with several more centres to follow. For Gids’s long-standing critics, concerned about the distress its tumult was having on children, this came as a huge relief.The story, however, does not end here.Kathleen Stock has spent the past month speaking to a range of clinicians, NHS professionals and parents of dysphoric children — to find out whether Gids’s new service will be an improvement.The portrait she paints is stark: her findings suggest that the NHS gender services are yet to become a clinically safe space for children and teens, with senior figures still pushing an activist ideology. Only last week, NHS bosses internally announced that they are significantly delaying the launch of one of the hubs. And as she reveals in her investigation, it is unlikely to be the final twist in Gids’s new chapter…
  • Yascha Mounk: Israel to America - escaping the identity trap

    Whatever happened to universalism? Academic and author of The Identity Trap, Yascha Mounk, explores how a relatively obscure and marginal set of ideas about identity have come to dominate our social, cultural and political life – and makes the case for universal, humanist values.