UnHerd with Freddie Sayers


Prof. Michael Sandel: Why the elites don’t deserve their status

Freddie Sayers meets Michael Sandel.

Do we deserve what we have? Are the elites any better than the rest of us? Do the right people get to run the world?

One political philosopher who attempts to tackle these big questions is Professor Michael Sandel. A Harvard professor since the 1980s and world famous author of many bestselling books, including 'What Money Can't Buy', and most recently, 'The Tyranny of Merit', Sandel has made the case for overhauling Western neoliberalism. The alternative society Sandel suggests is more forgiving of failure and confers cultural status onto building community rather than capital.

In a wide-ranging conversation with Freddie Sayers, Sandel explores how elite institutions from the Ivy League to Wall Street have given us the wrong idea about who deserves power.

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