Lockdown Science

What happens when two biologists isolate together? As a break from meticulously studying the behaviour of their cat, Ellie and Andrew will be bringing you a lighthearted round-up of the best science they've found this we

The Most Extreme Detox

Season 2, Ep. 9
This week we’re finding out whether the magnetic poles flipping killed the Neanderthals, asking how a bird species could hide for 170 years, marvelling at a swarm of tiny robot bees, wondering how two species of sea slugs manage to lose their heads but keep their cool, having a disco party with some glowing sharks, and wishing a very Happy Mother’s Day to the world’s oldest bird mum.If you find some fun science that you think deserves its place on the show, we'd love to hear from you! Get in touch with us at and follow us on @LockdownScience on Twitter and @LockdownSciencePodcast on Instagram.Bioluminescent sharks:Mallefet et al. (2021): drones:YuFeng Chen et al. (2021): & video: babbler:Akbar et al. (2020): Transitional Geomagnetic Event:Cooper, Turney et al. (2021): sea slugs:Mitoh and Yusa (2021): The Brilliant Abyss:Helen Scales: Us and STEMM: Music credit: Blippy Trance Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License