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Local to Global with Nick Hewer

Local to Global with Nick Hewer - Trailer

Season 1

In Local to Global, presenter Nick Hewer interviews British business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs about their experiences of growing UK businesses around the world and their insights into trading globally. During these conversations, Nick discovers the personal stories and memorable moments that inspired these people to first start their business and then make the leap from local to international phenomenon.

Teasing out the top tips for success, Local to Global provides useful insights for any business big or small aspiring to make it on the world stage.

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  • 6. Taking steps towards sustainable exporting with Pavegen

    Nick Hewer interviews Alex Johnson, Head of Communications at Pavegen, a clean tech company that has created a revolutionary energy generating paving system. In the final episode of this series, Alex discusses Pavegen’s plans for ensuring its technology is built into smart cities around the globe and how it can already be found in locations as varied as Abu Dhabi Airport and a Brazilian football pitch.
  • 5. Kickstarting overseas sales with SunGod

    Nick Hewer interviews Zoë and Ali Watkiss, the founders of SunGod, a company that makes ‘adventure-proof’ sunglasses and goggles. In this episode, Zoë and Ali discuss funding their business through a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, the benefits of selling direct to international consumers and how they’ve built a global community of brand ambassadors.
  • 4. Towards a cooler tomorrow with Sure Chill

    Nick Hewer interviews Nigel Saunders, CEO of Sure Chill, a company that has helped provide over 20 million vaccinations around the world in the last six years through the development of groundbreaking cooling technology. In this episode, Nigel discusses the benefits of licensing Sure Chill’s technology to billion dollar companies, protecting intellectual property and working with organisations like UNICEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.An Acast/Pixiu production for DIT.
  • 3. Big beard business with Mo Bro's

    Nick Hewer interviews the three Dattani brothers, founders of Mo Bro’s, a male grooming company. Since 2014, Mo Bro’s has gone from a kitchen table in Leicester to selling products in 78 countries around the world. In this episode, the brothers discuss the benefits of working with family, how they’ve maintained their brand identity overseas and how they’ve built their business through global eCommerce.
  • 1. Reinventing the postcode with What3words

    Nick Hewer interviews Chris Sheldrick, founder and CEO of What3words, a start-up that has changed mapping by dividing the world into 3m x 3m squares that each have unique 3 word addresses. In this episode, Chris discusses how What3words has had a global outlook from day one and how this has helped them to sign deals with everyone from the Mongolian postal service to Mercedes-Benz.
  • 1. World-changing Health with BioSure

    Nick Hewer interviews Brigette Bard, founder and CEO of BioSure, the company behind the first self-test HIV diagnosis kit. In this episode, Brigette discusses the huge potential rewards of exporting and reveals how BioSure is working to get its product to the millions of people with undiagnosed HIV all around the world.An Acast/Pixiu production for DIT.