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Law of Attraction Changed My Life

This One Decision Changes EVERYTHING

Season 1, Ep. 206

Thank you SO much for joining me again this week!

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  • 221. You CANNOT Manifest If You Do This One Thing

    Find me and all my goodies at francescaamber.comFind me on the gram at:@francescaamber (Flower fields, pod stuff, home life, me on a pole, me trying to survive the school hols) @lawofattractionchangedmylife (Inspo, quotes, law of attraction VIBES)Thank you so much for listening, if you want to join me in my book club just click HERE. Lots of love, Fran x
  • 220. 6 Months of Transformation in Less than 60 Minutes

    Thank you so much for listening, here's the list of books as promised! January - Grateful As F*ckFebruary - Sacred SeasonsMarch - Infinite ReceivingApril - Make Space For HappinessMay - The Power of Fun June - The Goddess PathJuly - You Are A F*cking SuccessYou can join the BOOK CLUB at any time and do these books WITH me, episode by episode. Find me on the gram at @francescaamber & @lawofattractionchangedmylifeAll my other info is on my website, francescaamber.comThanks for listening, see you next week!Fran xxx
  • 219. We Are 6 Months Away From 2025. Refocus, Realign, Re-Energise

    I really hope this episode helps you to refocus on what is important, forget what's not and celebrate all you've experienced this year so far. You can find me on the gram & @lawofattractionchangedmylife You can find all my info on my website Join us in the world's best BOOK CLUB here!See you next week bitches! Fran xxx
  • 218. Change Your Story & Manifest Your Dream Life

    Are you ready to change your story and manifest your dream life? Me too! Join me for a fun, frank convo with the lovely Noor Hibbert - Sunday Times bestselling author! We are reading Noor's brand new book - You Are A F*cking Success in the book club starting on the 1st July and I would LOVE for you to join us! Unsure if the Book Club B*tches are for you? Transform your relationships, career, health, finances, home, body & mindset one page at a time….Each month the Book Club B*tches choose a new book and have so far delved into manifesting, Feng Shui, money mindset, divine feminine energy, dressing for the life you want and so much more. I bring you a fresh and fun take on the book via a new podcast episode per chapter & there’s a whole community of incredible, high vibe women cheering you on in the dedicated Book Club B*tch chat.  Your new reading habit quickly adds up to 12 books a year and just IMAGINE how different your life could look with all that new knowledge and fresh perspectives. If you struggle with surrounding yourself with high-vibe, growth mindset people IRL then join us and watch your life transform.  Three years ago when I started this book club I was earning nothing after losing my business in the pandemic, I was super lonely and isolated single with two newborns and feeling pretty hopeless about life.  I didn’t have thousands of pounds to sign up to courses by life coaches and gurus but what I could do was read their books. I slowly found that by reading (and talking about) self development books, my life began to change. Slowly at first then dramatically as the compound effects of these books piled up.  These books have profoundly changed my life and I want them to change yours too. You can get the book HERE: You Are A F*cking SuccessNot a reader? You can listen to the book for FREE on Audible here. Come and find me on the gram, I'm @francescaamber & @lawofattractionchangedmylife and Noor @noor_hibbertThanks for listening and I'll see you next week!Fran xxx
  • 217. The Top 4 Most Shocking Manifestations

    Happy 4th birthday to the podcast & this week I'm treating us all to an INSPO STORYTIME of my 4 top most shocking manifestations that will defy all logic. I'm so glad you're here on this journey with me, if you can share the podcast in any way, rate, review or subscribe that would be FAB!You can find me on the gram at: @francescaamber & @lawofattractionchangedmylifeIf you want to join us in the book club find us on our BRAND NEW platform: BOOK CLUB OF DREAMSYou can find all my other stuff at francescaamber.comI'll see you next week, Fran xxx
  • 216. Life Path Numbers, Astrology, Cardology & More

    Get excited, this week's ep begins with a WILD story! Thank you so much to my guest, Francesca Oddie, you can find all her info at francescaoddie.comAs usual, you can find all my info at and I'm on the gram at @francescaamber & @lawofattractionchangedmylifeThank you so much for listening and I'll see you next week! Fran xxx
  • 215. Turning Your Possibility > Probability > Inevitability

    I hope you enjoyed this episode and have some faith and inspo that your wildest dream can turn into an inevitability. This concept is from the book, The Magic of Thinking Big.If you want to join us in the BOOK CLUB then come, don't delay! You can find me on the gram at: @francescaamber & @lawofattractionchangedmylife Join my mailing list at for a FREE subliminal or find the whole range HERE.Thank you so much for listening, I'll see you next weekFran xxx
  • 214. This One Affirmation Blew My Mind

    Thanks so much for joining again this week! I want to talk about what success means & how to be the most successful person you know AND the one affirmation I heard that blew my mind. If you want to join me in the book club we are reading The Goddess Path starting the 1st June. We are going to dive into our feminine powers, uncover our witch wound, our sister wound and release our inner goddesses - GET EXCITED! You can simply listen along to the regular pods on each book, supplement by listening to the audio book for FREE on AUDIBLE or read along too. It's up to you! Come and find me on the gram, I'm at: @francescaamber & @lawofattractionchangedmylifeYou can find my subliminals, Ready To Receive money workshop and more at francescaamber.comSee you next week and thanks for listening!Fran xxxPS If you can leave me a review, rating, follow or share this pod with someone who would benefit I would be forever grateful!
  • 213. Achieve Your Goals - A 20 Minute Powerful Guided Visualisation

    I hope you enjoy this FREE gift from me (normally £3.33 at )DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU ARE DRIVING OR OPERATING HEAVY MACHINERY.If you liked this powerful guided visualisation then check out my others, I have ones specifically for wealth and perfect health (which is set to the healing frequency). I also have a range of powerful overnight subliminal audios.You an find me on the gram at: @francescaamber & @lawofattractionchangedmylifeJoin us book club b*tches as we read The Goddess Path by Kirsty Gallagher on 1st June. You can join the gang HERE.Thank you so much for listening & I will see you next week!Fran xx